What is the sound of Jungle?

“All anyone’s style is, is what they’re into outside of Jungle, that’s where they select their sounds from.’ Photek

There has been a lot of confusion lately about the history of Jungle and by extension, Drum & Bass with much of the history of it being seemingly forgotten by fans in the modern era. Jungle is a sample based genre for the most part with existing sounds being repurposed and reimagined. Quite a lot has been written about the artists, record labels, events, clubs, record shops and radio stations involved with Jungle but much less focussed on where the sounds that were used came from. This is the topic we’ll be exploring here. This is about looking at the samples used in Jungle and where they came from. As per the quote from Photek, where were the sounds selected from? Who made the original sounds? What was the cultural significance of the sounds etc.

Why do this?

  • To form an overview of what went into Jungle as a whole, what made it tick.
  • To hopefully inspire discussion and interest in the sounds that came before and gave life and soul to Jungle and Drum & Bass.

So, if you’re into Jungle or Drum & Bass and are interested in joining us on this journey through the sonic history of the genre then stick around.

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