George Benson – ‘Breezin”

When George Benson released the album ‘Breezin’‘ in 1976 it was already his 15th album (but his first on the Warner label) and would also be his most commercially successful, achieving triple Platinum status. The title track ‘Breezin’‘ was written by Bobby Womack and opens with an unmistakeable orchestral introduction before the main track begins. It is this orchestral section of the song which has been popular among samplers. The most obvious use of it in Jungle/Drum & Bass is on the track ‘Something I Feel‘ by Renegade (one of Ray Keith‘s many aliases), the b-side to the Jungle anthem ‘Terrorist‘, released in 1994 on Moving Shadow. It appears multiple times throughout the track, being used as a background texture and as the hook in the breakdown.

George Benson’s 1976 album ‘Breezin”

The album ‘Breezin’‘ won multiple awards and also topped the US album charts on its release. It was recorded across three days in January 1976 by Al Schmitt (who also mixed the record) at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles and produced by Tommy LiPuma. The line-up for the album was George Benson (lead guitar/vocal), Phil Upchurch (rhythm guitar), Ronnie Foster (electric piano/Mini-Moog), Jorge Dalto (clavinet/piano), Harvey Mason (drums), Ralph MacDonald (percussion) and Stanley Banks (bass). However, Phil Upchurch played bass on the track ‘Breezin’‘. The orchestral section was arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman.

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