Jorge Ben – ‘Samba Esquema Novo’

Whilst Jorge Ben might not be a household name in the United Kingdom, in his native Brazil, he is a national treasure with a recording career spanning over at least six decades. His debut 1963 album ‘Samba Esquema Novo‘ (translating to ‘New Style Samba‘) featured the hit track ‘Mas, Que Nada!‘ which, has been covered over forty times by different artists across the globe including Sergio Mendes, Miriam Makeba, Ella Fitzgerald and Dizzy Gillespie. It comes as no surprise that Brazilian Drum & Bass producers would be influenced by Brazilian music and Drumagick (a production duo of brothers from São Paulo) would end up using samples of the horn riff, pitched down, from ‘Mas, Que Nada!‘ on their 2005 track Checkmate!.

The 2017 re-issue of Jorge Ben’s ‘Samba Esquema Novo’

The album Samba Esquema Novo was produced by Armando Pittigliani and features Jorge Ben (vocals and classical guitar), Dom Um Romão (drums), Manuel Gusmão (bass), Pedro Paulo (trumpet), J.T. Meirelles (flute and saxophone) and Luís Carlos Vinhas (piano).

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