Herbie Hancock – ‘Inventions & Dimensions’

Herbie Hancock has had a long and glittering career at the forefront of modern music and defining genres and eras with his music. It stands to reason that his music would inspire others and that his work would be harvested by samplers. His 1964 album ‘Inventions & Dimensions‘ on Blue Note Records is no exception and is again an outstanding piece of Jazz history. It is the third track from this five track album, ‘Jack Rabbit‘ which has been sampled by Drum & Bass producer Kjell on the 2007 release ‘Outclassed‘. Here, some of the drums and percussion from ‘Jack Rabbit‘ are pitched up and layered under the programmed drums as fills to add an extra groove. This may be the first mention of Herbie Hancock on this site but it is very unlikely to be the last as he is one of the music world’s highly sampled artists.

Herbie Hancock’s 1964 album ‘Inventions & Dimensions’

Inventions & Dimensions‘ was recorded in August of 1963 at The Van Gelder Studio in New Jersey and features Herbie Hancock on piano, Willie Bobo on drums and timbales, Paul Chambers on bass and Osvaldo Chihuahua Martinez on percussion. It was recorded by Rudy Van Gelder and released on Blue Note Records.

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